Let's Get Out of This Town.

Drive out of the city. away from the crowds.*

I've been lucky enough to work with brides across North America, all the way to Greece and England. 
I carry passports for both Canada and the European Union as well as curling irons for every type of electrical outlet (because I learnt the hard way that adapters don't always work). And I don't mean to brag, but according to the Duolingo app, I'm 3% fluent in French.

Clients should expect to cover  cost of travel, accommodation for two nights (based on location) and car rental if required. Destination jobs do offer a reduced day rate on services and complimentary touch ups / second looks. Ideal for multiple day events. 

Reduced rates for the following cities/countries:
Vancouver, Canada
Halifax, Canada
Winnipeg, Canada
New York, America
Costa Rica



*I can also promise not to sing any Taylor Swift